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What does “Christ is Risen” really mean?

People say “Christ is risen” but what does that really mean? Is it some sort of a religious password that another Christian is suppose to know the appropriate response to? Is it just something we say to each other on Easter? We all know it has something to do with Easter and some even know exactly what it means, or at least think they know. The problem is that most never stop and think about the real significance of the fact that Jesus is risen.

Jesus’ Death on the Cross

Why is it so important that Jesus Christ is risen? We, as Christians know that he died on the cross to pay for the world’s sins, so every one would have a choice to claim the salvation for them selves – believing that Jesus has died for me. He took on my sins and received the punishment that I deserved, so I can be clean in God’s eyes.

The Resurrection

But then after three days Jesus has risen and conquered death and went back to heaven to prepare a place for us, the ones that have believed.

Resurrection Identifies the Messiah

The significance of this resurrection is the fact that it is that it is the most important prophecy that identifies our Messiah that is written in the Bible.

The Bible tells us the Messiah will be killed and will be resurrected in three days. All though the Bible is filled with prophesies that identify the Messiah, the resurrection is humanly impossible to fake. This proves that He indeed is the Messiah and that what is written about him in the Bible is true.

The Real Meaning Of Resurrection

And this is why “Christ is risen” is such a powerful statement… it sums up the entire purpose Jesus Christ had on the earth into these 3 words. “He is risen indeed” is something that would come from the heart as a result of realization of the significance of the fact.

Your Thoughts Are Welcome!

This is a thought in process so if you have an opinion on this too, please add your comments below. I believe that just blurting out “Christ is risen” and then also in response to that an automatic, “He is risen indeed”, is pointless and is something we should really think about.

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If God Wanted Worship Robots (About Calvinist View)

This is just a thought about the Calvinistic view on Predetermination and us not having a choice. As the title of this post says, if God wanted worship robots, that would just worship him all day, He would create exactly that. The reason we have our own will and freedom to make a choice about almost everything in this world should also show us that God has given us those choices.

Think about this, and keep in mind that God is most wise and knowledgeable; what would be worth more, if you tell your child to love me and do what I said and they go and do exactly that because they have no choice OR if you tell them what you want done and give them a choice to do it or not and they CHOOSE to do what you said. Would that not show more love, when they chose to do something out of love and not because they had no choice?

Same with salvation. If you have no choice wheather to be saved or not and the saved ones are already predetermined to be saved, than we, as human kind, have no point in life. Everything is already figured out, might as well kill our selves now and get the agoiny over with. Right?

God has given us the freedom to choose Him over this world. Those that say that we are unable to make that choice are not willing to try. The choice is in your heart not in your body. The body is sin and will always want worldly things. The soul will strive for Godly things. This war between body and soul will continue until the day when God will separate the two. When the body is no longer there to pull us toward worldly things, our souls will be completely wrapped around Godly things, BY CHOICE!

I welcome a discussion on this topic, in the comments. I just wanted to get my thoughts down on “paper”.